Thursday, September 30, 2010

DJs Wood 'n' Soo - The Vault Mixtape & Singles Pack

Thought we were gone didn't you?

Here's our brand new 4-turntable mixtape for you! Consisting of almost all our own tracks, remixes, edits, and mashups, we basically broke down all the tracks into different elements so we could put it all back together on 4 turntables.

Hosted by MC Think Tank (Homebreakin' Records), this is the culmination of years worth of straight fire that we've been dropping, producing, and enjoying.

We've also included a Singles pack featuring 28 tracks, edits, and remixes to listen to unmixed or to drop at your sets. Included are some exclusive, never-before released tracks for your listening and DJing pleasure!

Wood 'n' Soo - The Vault Mixtape feat. MC Think Tank by dj soo

Direct Download: Right-click to download

Download the exclusive Singles pack here:


1. Wood 'n' Soo - The Vault Intro feat. MC Think Tank
2. DJ Soo - Saturday Night @ Tom's Diner
3. DJ Wood - Hand Clap Song
4. DJ Soo - Jihad Ms. Jackson
5. DJ Soo - Waitin' Close To Your Limbs
6. DJ Soo - Tipsy Riddim
7. DJ Wood - Wolves Dem Sugar
8. DJ Wood - Strung Out / My Neck My Back
9. DJ Wood - Commandante / Stormy Weathers
10. DJ Soo - 1 Insane Thing & Pants
11. DJ Soo - Brown Paper Dude
12. DJ Wood - Getaway Dude
13. Robbie Neville - C'est La Vie (DJ Soo remix)
14. DJ Soo - Walk Like A Genius feat. MC Think Tank
15. DJ Wood - Buffalo Orgasmo
16. DJ Wood - Saturday Night (Edit)
17. DJ Soo - I Want You Back (Red Alert remix) feat. MC Think Tank
18. Stevie Wonder - We Can Work It Out (DJ Wood Remix)
19. DJ Soo - Work It Out (Da Funky Smoke on the Water remix)
20. DJ Wood - Shadow Dancing (Instrumental)
21. Maestro Fresh Wes - Backbone Slide (acapella)
22. DJ Wood - Ice Cream Stopper
23. DJ Wood - Turn Me On feat. MC Think Tank
24. Lady Precise - Weekend Warriors (acapella)
25. Midifield General - Disco Sirens (acapella)
26. Ruckus Roboticus - Chicks (DJ Wood remix)
27. DJ Wood - Hustle Muscle
28. DJ Wood - Midnight Hour (Instrumental)
29. Ward 21 - This Is How We Roll (acapella)
30. DJ Wood - Let The Venom Hit 'Em
31. Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause (acapella)
32. DJ Wood - Groove Me feat. Lady Precise
33. DJ Wood - Gimmie Some
34. DJ Wood - Eye No feat. MC Think Tank
35. Jimmy Cliff - I Can See Clearly (DJ Soo bmore edit)
36. DJ Wood - Suppadupe/Backyard Betty
37. DJ Soo - No Diggity (DJ Soo's Intro Edit v.2)
38. DJ Wood - Hold The Double Barrel feat. MC Think Tank
39. Wood 'n' Soo - Paper Losers