Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SPILTMILK EP out FEB 21, 2013

 Hey all Super Happy Dance Friends! -

Our own Spilt Milk is releasing the Spiltmilk EP today!

How's the saying go…oh yeah…'there is no use crying over spilt milk'…well only unless he is not signed to your label…ha ha! We at OCD are feeling pretty, pretty, pretty smug about our next's the Spiltmilk EP…yeah thats right!. As you can probably tell we are dead excited to welcome Canadian based DJ/producer Spiltmilk aka Trevor Wyatt to the OCD waiting room. We have to admit, when we first heard of the name Spiltmilk, the first thing we OCD suffers thought was 'who was gonna clean up that mess?' But after hearing 3 unique tracks (and washing our hands several times) all our anxieties transformed into joyous memories of early OCD parties and getting munted at some dodgy outdoor rave. So take a trip with us through a disjointed, shuffling, twisted world that is almost bordering on insanity and say hello to the unmistakable DJ Spiltmilk.

Available from Jundownload 21st February 2013 only on OCD Records.

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